COVID-19 Schedule

The Austin Sports Center will be opening back up May 19th at 25% capacity. In order to train, we have to follow the updated policies and procedures set by the Austin Sports Center (below). These must be completed each class 24 hours before keiko. Please remember we are all representing Komei Jyuku as we enter and leave the building.

If you do not feel comfortable with any of the information below, please wait to return to training.

Policies and Procedures

  • Each person is required to self-screen and stays at home if they show symptoms or been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID 19 in the last 14 days.
  • The Austin Sports Center will be taking contactless temperatures at the door. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 and higher will be asked to leave
  • A mask must be worn at all times
  • Clean up trash and leftover belongings as our group exits
  • Each participant must bring their own water bottle and towel for cleaning sweat.
  • Restrooms are one person at a time
  • If someone from our group is confirmed with COVID we must contact ASC immediately
  • Please come already dressed for keiko, we will not have much time to change into keikogi and hakama
  • Do not show up earlier than five minutes before keiko and no gathering at the entrance
  • We must maintain social distancing while on the property and not training (during breaks, instruction periods, entering and exiting)
  • No spectators for now. This could change in the future

24 Hours Before Keiko - Online Waiver Process

  1. Everyone is required to fill out the Austin Sports Center waiver 24 hours before keiko
  2. When complete, you will receive an email from the Austin Sports Center, this MUST be forwarded to 24 hours before keiko

Brandon sensei is required to compile the contract tracing list (for the Austin Sports Center) as well as have all the waivers electronically on file.

Important: A new waiver must be filled out upon each visit

“The most difficult rival you will ever face is yourself.” - Sekiguchi Komei sensei